Hi! My name is Tomas Sykora. I was born and raised in the heart of Europe in beatiful Prague Czech republic. At early age of 16 I was signed as professional baseball player by Cincinnati Reds, unfortunately, maybe thankfuly I was released after I dislocated my throwing shoulder, considering that I used to be pitcher it was pretty much the end of my career. Why thankfuly? That’s because I was able to go to Czech Technical University, where I study Software Engineering and now I love building software way more that I ever loved to play ball.

Shortly after I started studying, I became core member of 3D Printing Laboratory. I am currently teacher of 3D Printing course, which we created on our faculty

I started programming iOS apps around the same time as I started studying. I work for several companies and now I own my own, with a brand in Vancouver BC.

Life has been great to me, and I am happy that I do everyday what I love.



Feel free to reach me via email, or just Tweet me.